Shirley Rutland

About the Artist

Los Berros Verde

Shirley Rutland has had a passion for drawing and painting as long as she can remember.  She recalls spending hours at her drawing desk as a child.  Her interest in art continued through her college years at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, where she studied watercolor painting under landscape artist Robert Reynolds.  She graduated with honors in 1989 with a BS in Applied Art and Design.

Shirley has experimented with various art media through the years, including oil and acrylic.  Watercolor is—by far—her preference, “for the seemingly unlimited possibilities of color, mood, and texture it provides.”  She seeks to continually improve her skills, believing there is always room for experimentation and improvement:  “I should never think that I have ‘arrived.’”

Shirley’s focus is primarily the natural landscape, in particular the beautiful areas of California’s Central Coast, and the Sierra Nevada mountains:  “I delight in capturing the profound beauty in even the simplest of subject matter.  Just the play of light at a certain time of day can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.  A scene that at first may seem mundane—perhaps an area we drive by every day—may at a closer glance hold endless possibilities.  The Creator’s work of nature itself provides an unlimited scope of design elements from the beauty of a simple leaf to a vast panorama from a mountain summit.  I believe that portraying the peace of nature gives us a much-needed refuge from the harsh realities of our driven lives.”

Her work has been selected for display in the Central Coast Watercolor Society’s annual Aquarius Pacific Regional Exhibitions and has garnered awards at the California Mid-State Fair and Santa Maria’s Autumn Arts Grapes and Grains Festival.  Shirley is a signature member of the Central Coast Watercolor Society.  Residents and visitors to the Central Coast and Lake Tahoe areas have enjoyed her work at various locations in those regions.

Shirley is currently representing herself and is also available for commissions.